HRH 2018

Call for papers
Currently, a diverse innovative technologies are being used in multimedia and ubiquitous computing environments. They allow us to create a better world by providing the backbone for remarkable development in our human society where the fields of industry, business, education, government functions and healthcare or medicine are becoming more and more complex and sophisticated faster than ever before.

Thus, in this workshop, the our main object is to open a discussion over a basic convergent study that would contribute to humanity by respecting human beings and their lives, while aiding and serving the neglected or isolated people.

For this purpose, we'd like to receive a variety of meaningful and valuable manuscripts concerning the subjects such as healthcare service respecting human beings and their lives, an ethical solution to artificial intelligent and Big Data, means of aiding and serving neglected people like the disabled or elderlies, mathematical theories that deeply affect science and industries, or the historical contents that would contribute to humanity in cultural aspect. For the last subject, one could write a manuscript about Jilin as it has been a historic city for many years in Asia history, for example.

In other words, what we are seeking in this workshop is the novel and fresh (non-published) manuscripts in which various ideas are being integrated and fused. Participants may write about one of the subjects listed below but not limited to them.

Workshop Chair: Prof. Jun-Ho Huh

Topics of interest include , but are not limited to:
  • Healthcare service respecting human beings and their lives
  • Ethical solution to artificial intelligent and Big Data
  • Means of aiding and serving neglected people like the disabled or elderlies
  • Mathematical theories that would deeply affect science and industries
  • The historical contents that would contribute to humanity in cultural aspect
  • Energy Harvesting Business, Energy Harvesting Eonomy, Humanity et al.

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Submission: (Topic: HRH 2018)
***Author(s) MUST select topic as "HRH 2018" at the submssion system****.

SBDA 2018

Call for papers
Nowadays, social media have become the most used platforms in daily life. Every day people create, share, and exchange millions of post on these platforms. From social media data, much can be learned about individual users and more broadly networks of users. So to define intelligent analytics services to turn social media data into actionable knowledge is a really hot topic.
The power of social media along with the emerging big data technology offers abundant opportunities for achieving business growth addressing marketing strategies, profiling people tastes, targeting advertisements, and so forth.
Furthermore, the fake news and the spread of misinformation on social media is an issue worldwide and is a major concern for consumers and traders, as well as social spam, brought to the attention by the legal circle in recent years.
The purpose of this workshop is to meet and share cutting-edge development in the field, to collect recent advances in social big data stream analysis.
Workshop Chair: Prof. De Maio Carmen

Topics of interest include , but are not limited to:
  • Context-aware social media recommender systems
  • Context-aware social media information retrieval
  • Cross-relating algorithms for heterogeneous social media data streams
  • Opinion mining and sentiment analysis from social media
  • Social network analysis
  • Social media analytics
  • Natural language processing and conceptual data analysis from social media
  • Mining and analysing social data for decision support
  • Big data algorithms, technologies and architectures
  • Topic and event detection and tracking
  • Business and marketing intelligence methodologies
  • Misinformation and qualitative filtering of social media data stream
  • Fake news and spread of Misinformation
  • Big Data Analytics to support decision making
  • Big Data Adoption and Service-dominant Logic
  • Service Science Foundation and Big Data
  • Value Co-creation and Big Data
  • Customization and Prevention through Big Data
  • Operations Management through Big Data
  • Adaptation and Risk Management through Big Data
  • Services Innovation and Big Data Analytics
  • Big Data and Supply Chain Management
  • Big Data and Customer Relationship Management
  • Big Data Analysis Outsourcing
  • Open Innovation Management and Big Data Adoption

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Submission: (Topic: SBDA 2018)
***Author(s) MUST select topic as "SBDA 2018" at the submssion system****.

Call for Workshops / Special Sessions(Pending)

In conjunction with MUE2018, we will organize some workshops.
The workshop proposals should be submitted to Prof. Yunsick Sung (

Several workshops will be held in conjunction with MUE2018 with the aim to explore special topics and provide international forums for scientists, engineers, and computer users to exchange and share their experiences, new ideas, and research results on hot topics on new multimedia solutions and ubiquitous computing. Workshops for presenting papers from industrial companies and papers on implementations of systems and services are very welcome.

One workshop MUST have at least 8 registered papers.
Otherwise, the papers will be moved to the another workshop.

All accepted papers will be included in the conference proceedings.
High quality papers will be recommended special issue of SCI(E) Journal.
- It will be decided by Workshop organizers.

In general, a workshop takes one day, although multiple-days and half-day workshops are welcome.

The workshop proposal should include following information:
1. Title of the workshop: International Workshop on ...
2. Workshop Organizers(s): name, affiliation, address, phone and fax numbers, e-mail.
3. Brief description of the workshop (several hundred words)
4. Expected number of papers to be submitted
5. Call for paper of the workshop (draft version - 1 page CFP MS Word version)
6. Tentative list of program committee members (Name, affiliation, country, email address)
7. Your workshop web address (Tentative)

Important Dates
  • Paper submission due: Depending on workshop organizer's decision
  • Accept notification: Depending on workshop organizer's decision
  • Registration due: Mar. 02, 2018
  • Camera-ready paper due: Mar. 09, 2018
  • Conference/Workshop dates: Apr. 23-25, 2018